The process steps:

1 Orientation on will and sense.
2 Agreements (principles, expectations, cost) kept in a cooperation agreement.
3 Interim evaluations.
4 Final evaluation to close.

General terms and conditions, version 6 of 24 June 2015, are part of the cooperation agreement.

Vow of secrecy and responsibility

Sensitive information is treated as confidential, which means that it will not be shared undesired with others.
Together we will make agreements about how we take care of sensitivity of information.  


Box-In-Out: introduction fee of 5 euro each time or a card for 10 times 40 euro.

Other: The compensation for work and travel will be discussed in consultation (think of 95 euro per hour / 450 euro per day* (excluding VAT) and 19 cent per kilometer). Afterwards, also in consultation, an extra valuation contribution can be given. Sometimes that will be donated.

*intake, preparation, interim contact and evaluation is included (so these hours are not being charged)


to inspire people to act more freely and more healthy whereby
personal purpose will align better with common purpose
Jolanda van Wijk