Advise management and inspire people, that is the core of this business.


Contributing to a world where peace and love are available for everyone.


Sole proprietorship initiated (in 2008) by Jolanda van Wijk. For both commercial and non-commercial organisations and private individuals.

International marketing management, logistics, business management, mediation, biographical coaching and psychosocial therapy is the theoretical basis on which Jolanda graduated. Her work eventually turns to compassion and is about introspection, rehabilitation, development and collaboration.

You can be in conversation with Jolanda (hourly rate), she can help to design and development processes and to assist and lead implementations, she gives motivational presentations and training and is an allround mentor and a compassionate counsellor.

Jolanda knows notably much about communication principles and about conflictmanagement (she often acts as restorative manager and facilitator). She is very successful in marketing and likes to represent integer companies.

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to inspire people to act more freely and more healthy whereby
personal purpose will align better with common purpose
Jolanda van Wijk