With her welfare program #PeaceviaDialogue Jolanda volunteers internationally. You can read about it here.

It started in 2014, it was in February that Jolanda joined International Cities of Peace, with the Hague,
and a year later she initiated the Kingdom of the Netherlands Cities of Peace. Other peace facilitators in this
international network of volunteers contacted her.   

#BoxingforPeace is a workshop part of the Peace via Dialogue program. By donating and contacting us you
can come join the workshop. Your donation goes to the project Fight for Education III, a project of Zana Social
Development Organisation.

The Peace via Dialogue Network Foundation aims at assisting Cities of Peace in preparing and implementing
#PeaceviaDialogue (and if needed organising as NGO). By donating and contacting us you can be part of it.

to inspire people to act more freely and more healthy whereby
personal purpose will align better with common purpose
Jolanda van Wijk