to inspire people to act more freely and more healthy whereby
personal purpose will align better with common purpose
Jolanda van Wijk

A program that is born from charity work (in Europe, Middle East & Africa). It consists of consultancy, training and support in communication and conflict management, for (inner) peace.

Personal note of Jolanda:

´I will appeal to you on your emotional sense, that each of us possesses (namely your Soul). Your inspiration (Spirit) comes from your Soul. It has become my passion to help less advantaged (single) parents/caretakers. I want to facilitate them in making their kids´ dreams become true by listening to them and empowering them towards positive change.´

Where there is Spirit there is (inner) Peace, where there is (inner) Peace there is Power of Love. With that Power Dreams can come True.

See flyer. Together with country representatives I offer a broad range of inspiration for (inner) peace via management consultancy, workshops, coaching and facilitation.

Till 1 July 2019 we execute the project Boxing for Peace.