to inspire people to act more freely and more healthy whereby
personal purpose will align better with common purpose
Jolanda van Wijk

A project (till 1 July 2019) that is born from cooperation with Nasserīs Junior Boxing Academy in
Uganda. Through boxing a culture of compassionate communication is fostered.

We offer workshops in Europe, Middle East & Africa, for charity and for profit, and we work together with local
boxers. We strive for social profit. We donate to local social development projects. See Flyer.

Achievements & contact details    

We serve boxing organisations who aim at more and different kinds of guests and different views on boxing, we
serve schools, government and other community organisations who would like to contribute to a peaceful and
healthy society, we serve companies who believe in the valuable power of their employees and would like to give
them a good time and we serve individuals.

We let your body, mind and soul work:

- We train people to believe in, and work on (inner) Peace, Power & Protection through boxing & dialogue.

- We fight against (verbal) violence & drugs (and other addictions or frustrations).

- We work on fit bodies & souls by demonstrating & teaching the art of boxing.

We appeal to you on your emotional sense, that each of us possesses (namely your soul). Your inspiration
comes from your soul. Inspiration is healing from within, click for this inspirational video.

You can see us on Instagram boxingforpeace.emea and friend us on Facebook Boxingforpeace Emea

Come Saturday afternoon for a try-out or book your personal training
WhatsApp +31 6 57 439 290